About Just For Hunting

Just For Hunting (JFH) is a full service outfitter. Not only do we offer fully guided hunts, on our managed properties, we also offer numerous opportunities with our partners, for game species around the world. JFH operates with the goal of providing a fun and informative experience with the opportunity for success. We realize success is a big part of this experience. With that in mind, JFH acquires properties that we manage, and we align ourselves with partners that allow us to keep our success rate over 80%.

Here at JFH we truly believe that there is more to your outdoor experience than the harvest. We employ knowledgeable guides that are experienced with each species, and property you will hunt. As well we take the future of hunting serious and offer numerous opportunities for our younger generation to have the best possible experience.

JFH knows that with the busy lifestyle we all function in, it can be very difficult to find the time to properly plan your hunting experience. JFH with over 100 years of outdoor experience, is not just happy, but more than capable to plan that experience for you. From Trophy Columbian Blacktails and Russian Boar in Northern California to Chasing Moose in the Canadian wilderness, and everything in between. JFH has what you want to hunt.

Please feel free to browse the website. We stand ready to begin preparation for your next outdoor adventure. If you cannot find what you are looking for drop us an email or give us a call, and by all means please contact any of the references listed, they are sure to talk you into booking your next outdoor experience with JFH.

Best Regards,
Just For Hunting Team

Our Team

Parrey Cremeans

Owner / Master Guide

Parrey has grown up in Northern California hunting Columbian Blacktail deer. He has honed his hunting skills by taking over a dozen Pope and Young animals. With forty years of hunting experience coupled with a biological understanding of wildlife, Parrey has created a shortcut to success, if such a shortcut is available.

Parrey continues to present seminars at sports shows and has numerous articles and interviews sharing the skills he has learned from spot and stalk deer to Elk calling techniques. Annually participating in youth and Wounded Warrior programs, as well as Conservation Group memberships with ground level participation, allows Parrey to share with all hunting enthusiasts a few shortcuts to success. Preserving our hunting and outdoor activities is always paramount.

Working in the outdoor industry as a Pro Staff Manager for Mossy Oak allows Parrey to keep up and apply the current wildlife habitat improvement and management avenues. Parrey lives by the motto of 'leave as small a footprint as possible, leaving the woods better than previous, and by all means Have Fun!'

Tom McCloskey


Tom is a local leader in the Fishers of Men organization who combine outdoor activities with their Christian beliefs. Tom has been guiding for over 10 years and spends most of his guiding efforts on hogs and blacktail deer. Tom has been bow hunting for most of his life and competes in archery shoots in the local area. He also enjoys elk, turkey, waterfowl, hunting.

Sam Hunt


Sam has spent the majority of his life in Northern California. He has been participating in hunting camps with his family from before he could walk. Hunting has always been a passion and this passion has led to Sam's expertise and success hunting elk, deer, turkeys, hogs, and other wildlife throughout the west. Sam started guiding for JFH 7 years ago. Guiding for JFH has given Sam the opportunity to help others experience the outdoors by sharing the quality adventures JFH has to offer.

Jim Havens


Jim is an avid outdoorsman, with 30 plus years experience hunting elk, deer, turkeys, and hogs. He puts his time in scouting and preparing for each hunt. Jim enjoys the outdoors with family and friends, he believes that harvesting is only part of the experience. Just as important is making memories and new friends who enjoy the outdoors as much as he does.

Kevin Post


Kevin has an extensive hunting resume. He was a licensed hunting guide in the State of Hawaii (Vinny’s Wild Sports) and performed guide services for Axis Deer, Wild Boar, and Upland Game on the islands of Maui, Molokai, and Lanai 1980 thru 1990. Kevin has lived in the North State since that time and is an accomplish wilderness hunter. Originally hunting the Trinity Alps, Marble Mountains and other wilderness areas in Northern California with family and friends. He has been providing wilderness hunting opportunities for the last 17 in Northern California. Kevin is a California licensed guide specializing in wilderness hunting for Blacktail deer and elk from 2001 to present.

Francisco Garcia


Francisco is an outstanding blacktail hunter and overall guide. Easy going yet focused on finding black tails where many others do not. He has been guiding for JFH for the past four years. Francisco currently lives in Red Bluff CA and has hunted in this California from an early age. He is a happily married and proud father of two. His passion and what brings him the most joy in life is spending time in the outdoors fishing, camping, hiking, and especially hunting. He receives tremendous satisfaction taking others hunting, especially the youth, so as to share in the joy and help foster a love for the hunt and all things wild.

Steven Fry


Steven Fry was born and raised in Redding Ca. He started hunting and fishing before the age of 10. Steve runs his own fishing guide service and is one of the full-time guides on our team. Steve makes his living helping people enjoy the outdoors and have a great hunting or fishing experience. His philosophy of hunting is based on scouting, glassing, and getting as close as possible for a good shot. Steven has excellent skills with elk, deer, turkey, hogs and just about any other game that roams the North State. He is always striving to make sure the hunt is not only successful but fun and memorable for those involved.

Ted Lidie


Ted Lidie is a local outdoor expert. Ted spent 21 years in the US Army, retiring as a Command Sergeant Major in 2006. Upon retirement, Ted pursued a career in the firearms and hunting industries. He is a current NRA multi-disciplined firearms instructor, as well as a guide at Just For Hunting. He enjoys spending time in the woods with JFH clients and is always happy to provide some marksmanship advice or training for clients.

Rich Armas


Rich is a master guide specializing in big game and waterfowl. He has over 45 years experience hunting waterfowl, elk, deer, and antelope in California, Oregon, Idaho and Nevada. He enjoys hunting waterfowl in the delta. One of Rich's related passions is breeding and training his own English Labradors. Rich currently resides in Bella Vista Ca with his wife.

Larry Snelling


Larry is a retired Superintendent of Schools, he has been guiding and hunting turkeys for over 40 years. Larry's passion is taking long beards with Jr Hunters. He is an excellent turkey caller and a great addition to the JFH team. He is one of our turkey specialists.

Jim Van Ornum


Jim is an avid outdoorsman who grew up in Northern California. He has 40 plus years of experience hunting deer, elk, turkeys, and hogs with both rifle and bow. He enjoys spending time scouting and preparing for each hunt.